Velvi is a company dedicated to sexual health which focuses on the issue of vaginismus. Our main goal is to provide an answer to the distress of the women victims of this disease. Learn more...



Vaginismus_29A practical solution

The Velvi Kit is a set offering a very discreet carrying package (no label or logo on it), six vaginal dilators (also called “candles”) and a removable handle. Each Velvi dilator is a purple cylindrical element, smoothly shaped in plastic and specifically adapted to vaginal dilation exercises. Learn more...


Vaginismus_28 An outstanding lubricant, the jojoba oil

A lubricant is necessary to use the Velvi Kit. Think about our virgin and natural jojoba oil ! Considered as a miracle oil by most of its users, it is particularly popular with women who suffered from vaginismus. In fact, thanks to its healing properties, this oil can massage and soothe the most intimate parts of our body while experiencing unbearable pain. Learn more...


What is vaginismus ? 

Vaginismus is a sexual condition characterized by a phobia of penetration. It most often manifests as a backward movement and/or closing of the thighs, but also by strong involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. Learn more...


A program to get better

By following the steps of our program, you can as well gradually overcome your vaginismus regardless of how long you have been suffering from it ! The idea is to unlearn what has been unconsciously learned and thanks to very progressive exercises, you will get used to a smooth penetration process. Learn more...

The female anatomy in pictures

The women victims of vaginismus often know very little about their body and especially their sexual organs. Because they did not integrate mentally the existence of their vagina, the penetration is then interpreted unconsciously as an aggressive intrusion attempt into the body and not as a smooth entry into a cavity built in this purpose. Learn more...








The vicious circle of vaginismus












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